Why Untitled works

Include. Inspire. Impress.

why untitled works

Include a better world 
in your brand, 
in your communication 
and in our society.

Discover the Return On Inclusion (ROI) and make a difference in a world full of different people. At Untitled Workers Club we have driven inclusion experts. Helping the biggest corporations and the smallest changemakers. From internal processes to campaigns that transcend window dressing.

It's not about you.

We're 'Untitled' because it's not about us. It’s also not about you. It’s about what you mean to others.

We believe brands have a unique chance to be drivers of lasting cultural change. As forces for innovation. As forces for good. To shape and colour society. To add frills and folies, beauty and emotion to everyday life, and be loved for it in return. On top of that — we are convinced that you can help drive sustainable social change.

How? By building cultural relevancy.

By definition — Cultural relevancy is a positive, in-depth and authentic portrayal of the diverse society. This is proven to lead to a deeper brand-consumer relationship. By being culturally relevant you take into account our society — exactly how it is. All identities. No excuses. 

Show your audience you love them as much as you love your product.

When brands transform from passive copy pasters of whatever’s hip to active participants in the cultural playground, magic happens. A brand that not only borrows from culture but adds to it gains immeasurable social currency. The gift of authenticity. And the holy grail of communication: a grateful audience.

Our solid brand building experience is reinforced with insights in the latest search trends, cultural needs and subcultures. The result? Strategic models and creative ideas that makes your audience accept and even invite you into their busy lives.

Being culturally relevant means more PR, new and better emotional connections with your audience and an antidote to the biggest problem a brand faces: indifference.

There's a huge return on inclusion.
Here's some facts:

29% move to competitor that cares about diversity & inclusion.

29% move to a competitor that cares about diversity & inclusion.

70% more chance of entering a new market.

70% more chance of entering a new market.

70% prefer one brand over another if diversity & inclusion is highly valued.

70% prefer one brand over another if diversity & inclusion is highly valued.


There’s a lot of work you don’t see.

The work you can see is here. But we also want to make you aware of the work behind the scenes that shifts mindsets and our society.
Take ‘Streamz’ for example. We’re working on making sure their programming starts reflecting the world we live in today and tomorrow. Or Accent. Where all employees are being helped in understanding the return on inclusion. There’s also ‘Politie Gent’ that’s now bettering their relationship — with their youngsters. 

f it's not for you, it's not for you.

Remember that really safe campaign? No? Good, nobody does. Repetition is easy, innovation is hard. It often means daring to do what hasn’t been done before. And that’s scary when there’s a lot on the line. At Untitled Workers Club we’ve learned from experience that making something great often takes guts. And making a difference means thinking differently. And if that’s not for you, well then it’s not.

          Why brands join The Club? 
  • We are specialized in communication for brands looking for cultural relevance. Which results in impact on your business and our society.  

  • At Untitled Workers Club we have driven inclusion experts. 

  • Our clients come from all sectors and are taking their first steps towards being culturally relevant: Streamz, Accent, SBS Belgium, Visit Flanders, Atlas Antwerpen, Politie Gent, KMSKA, KRC Genk, Kanal, Hand in Hand, Cofidis, Juntoo, Gaia, ZEB, M Leuven,..

  • We are media independent. From online to offline, to over the line. We always look for the media that fits best with your brand story, your audience and communities.

  • Untitled Workers Club is a 100% independent Belgian agency.

  • You'll work with one of the most recognized design and branding agencies, excelling in building awareness and engagement.

  • Because of you, we can reinvest a part of our revenue back into culture and are constantly on the hunt for fresh and young talent. 
You can't be culturally relevant without inclusion. Too many people still find it impossible to have their voice heard. We are happy to have inclusion specialist Sana Sellami & Hamza Ouamari in our team.  Give them a call if you are curious about what they can do for your company.

The Rubey Project

Together with Maarten we developed a financing method for helping museums purchase and curate masterpieces. As many museums desperately lack funding, too many top pieces stay hidden in private collections. The Rubey Project brings a large group of people together into what’s called fractal ownership. Each participant owns, as it were, a pixel or a fraction of the masterpiece. This group is represented in a security token, which grants the buyers specific rights in relation to the masterpiece. With this system we bring masterpieces back in the public eye and make art investments accessible for all.

Casa Untitled.
Sparks don’t fly in dull meeting rooms or endless Zoom calls. So why not spend some time together abroad, away from urgent jobs, phone calls and mails? Let’s take a dive into your brand’s DNA, and in the sea, and come back home with a suitcase full of plans, ideas and solutions. And a beautiful tan. That’s what we propose in our seaside ‘finca’ near Alhambra. Seventy kilometres from Centre Pompidou Malaga and just a short bike trip away from the Caves of Nerja where you can admire the birthplace of culture, the oldest paintings in the world.
The cycling experts.
Here's why we can say that there is no other agency so much into cycling as we are.  After all, cycling is part of our culture.
JAEGHER: We are the owners of Jaegher. One of the world's most beautiful racing cycle brands. Made to measure and hand welded in Belgium. Even Tom Boonen has one and it's his favourite racing cycle. We came up with the name, made the logo, did the product design, website, Instagram campaigns... everything.

RONDE VAN VLAANDEREN PODCAST: Due to Covid-19, there was no Ronde van Vlaanderen in 2020. At least not a real one.  Check out The Most Unbelievable Ronde ever.
CENTRUM RONDE VAN VLAANDEREN: We designed the architectural project inside The Ronde Van Vlaanderen Centre for The Flandrien Challenge.
THE LOGO AND BRANDING FOR CYCLING IN FLANDERS: We designed the new logo and look and feel for the cycling department of Flanders.
CYCLING CLUB MARCEL: Together with fashion department store chain ZEB we launched and created this leisure fashion brand dedicated to cycling fans.
DECCA AND BODHI: We helped these cycling garment brands with their logo and identity.
BERGS & COBBLES: To promote cycling in Flanders we invented 'Flanders Bergs & Cobbles carpet'. An international online campaign starring Johan Museeuw.

Kom gerust langs, dan praten we gewoon Nederlands ou français si vous préférez.


I'm Gwenn Nevelsteen,

you can call me