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The Untitled Workers Club. It extends beyond us.

As an agency we are grateful to everyone that ensures a brand transcends itself. Too often a campaign is attributed to creative directors and creatives. This while top work would never manifest itself without the energy, passion and talent of strategists, stylists, photographers, editors, illustrators, authors, accounts,... all of them including you who dare to leave the beaten track and make a true difference.

We're well-aware that change is a joint effort.
So come — be part of the biggest club in the world.

From left to right: Emiel, Vliesklack, Hamza, Christophe, our office dog Jêrome who barks when you enter our office, Sana, Gwenn, Britt, Lampadair, Nora, Romy, Dennis, Lies.  

Nothing inspires and invigorates like art and culture. At Untitled Workers Club we reimburse every cultural event ticket: opera’s, expositions, jazz concerts, speakers corners, book festivals, design shows, etc…


Our club is always open for new members.

Over the last decade, the marketing environment grew more complex. There are more channels than ever, and even more ways to manage them. Clients adapted, rightly so, they integrate some of these newer key marketing competencies into their team. Like the International worldwide social media community manager or the bottom-of-the-funnel office director, to name a few. We actively encourage this new norm and live by it.

We don’t have walls (account managers) between the client, the other suppliers and us. Some of our clients even consider us part of the team. When the client is unable to appoint a much-needed specialist, we can rely on friends of our club to step in. As was traditionally the case with photographers, directors, and illustrators for many years we now also cover all digital skills.


We’re obsessed with culture — and culture.
And frankly as a brand you should be as well.

By now it should be clear that understanding culture is a pretty big deal in the club.
But we’re also huge fans of culture in the other sense ­— you know museums, art, music,… all of that. So much so that At Untitled Workers Club we reimburse every cultural event ticket: opera’s, expositions, jazz concerts, speakers corners, book festivals, design shows, etc…

You are part of culture.
Act like it.

We see it as our responsibility to help out the next generation of artistic talent in finding the common ground in art and advertising. We relish creating opportunities for new talent by building bridges with brands. Talent in the broadest sense of the word — dancers, artists, game developpers, actors, ... to name a few. It seems more important than ever in times when it’s hard to showcase new work and get your name out there.

Founders Christophe Ghewy and Gwenn Nevelsteen.

Christophe was founder and creative partner of LG&F (now Famous Grey). The agency was named Agency Of The Year 5 times. After 15 years it was time to move on, and together with Gwenn, who had a lot of experience in PR and architecture communication, they started Bowling Brands.
In its first year Bowling Brands was awarded design agency of the year and in its second year best newcomer agency. Almost like natural selection, the client list evolved to one with more cultural brands: Visit Flanders, The Year of Van Eyck, Kanal Centre Pompidou in Brussels, The cityfestival Knal in Leuven, Ensor & the Baths of Ostend, Rubens versus Facebook and Museum M.
It is was small step and an easy decision to dive completely into culture and cultural relevancy. It felt like the right thing to do and the right time to do it.

Gwenn Nevelsteen & Christophe Ghewy in their Antwerp apartment. 


We also have welders in our club.

Sometimes, we walk the talk and start a brand of our own. There is no better way to understand the challenges of a brand than to create one yourself. Clothing brand Fabuleux Marcel and race cycles Jaegher are our own creations and they have taught us more than working in agencies about growing and nourishing a brand. We understand working with limited budgets, making difficult choices, combining brand building with keeping the sales going etc.

Ok, cycling has nothing to do with advertising but a beautifully crafted racing cycle is a true piece of art. What’s more, nothing is more part of our Belgian culture. Except for beer. In 2014, together with photographer Kurt Stallaert, we started the racing cycle brand Jaegher.

In Flanders cycling is part of the culture so we talk about a real handcrafted racing cycle like we talk about a piece of art.
Frustrated by ugly carbon mass production bicycles we restored an old cycling brand, perfecting the steel racing cycle to the demands of today. Balance, weight, stiffness, comfort, durability were optimised while we added disc brakes and integrated cables. Jaegher was awarded the best and most beautiful handcrafted racing cycle in Berlin. The world's best long distance rider Kristof Allegaert won his most memorable rides on a Jaegher and in 2020, Tom Boonen bought a Jaegher and fell completely in love with it. Read more about his new Ascender bike in Peleton magazine or visit jaegher.be. Our welder is ready to weld your made to measure contemporary Belgian steel racing cycle.


An  art collection of young Belgian artists.

You won’t easily find us at advertising award shows. We don’t mind them. Sometimes we enter work and win a trophy (and sometimes not). But celebrating your own work is not the best way to keep the inspiration going. So we invest in young Belgian artists, groundbreakers, rebels, innovators or simply creators of beauty. These people push our own thinking about communication, they surprise us and inspire us, and in return we support them to keep them going. In our expanding collection you’ll find works from Jos and Harald, Bram De Munter, Filip Vervaet, Matthieu Ronse, Stephan Balleux, Sofie Muller, Dirk Zoete, Cindy Wright, Bendt Eyckermans, Anton Cotteleer, Sofie Kuijken and many more.


Bram Demunter


Anton Cotteleer


Cindy Wright


Christian Noirefalise

Le papa fondateur de 'Le Fabuleux Marcel de Bruxelles'.

In 2008 Christophe Ghewy (creative partner Untitled Workers Club) started the brand Le Fabuleux Marcel de Bruxelles together with Kaat Blommaert and Ruben Goots. Sold in 2015 to ZEB it is now one of  ZEB'S most successful brands. We still help them with the naming and design of line-extensions: the perfume brand ‘Brux-elle‘, the jeans label ‘Jean‘ and the ‘l'impeccable‘ suits. 

Luc Van Mol and Isabel Samson had the idea to start a clothing brand linked to cycling. Untitled Workers Club is responsible for the brand story. We came up with the name (Cyclo Club Marcel), did the logo, and we’re doing the design of two T-shirts collections a year with the people of ZEB as well as the brochures. This year we are ready to launch new products for Cyclo Club Marcel. Untitled Work's renumeration depends on the success of the sales. So leave this site immediately and order some T-shirts at Zeb.be

Gwenn Nevelsteen.

Strategic Director and Founder of Untitled Workers Club. Pictured here, looking through unwashed windows with a cup of coffee, without milk and sugar, at the future of brands.

We don't push a vision. We build on who you are, where you are, then work hard to get you where you should be. 


I'm Gwenn Nevelsteen,

you can call me