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No Ronde van Vlaanderen because of Corona? No way! 
There will be a Ronde and it will be The Officially
Unbelievable Ronde van Vlaanderen.


ronde van vlaanderen

ronde van vlaanderen — visit flanders & flanders classics
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Connecting the cycling community during the covid-lockdown by using the Flemish classics.


Tap into existing (inter)national cycling communities with a podcast.
The disappointment amongst cycling fans at home and abroad was palpable when the Tour of Flanders was cancelled due to the corona crisis. Together with Visit Flanders and Flanders Classics, we created The Officially Unbelievable Ronde Van Vlaanderen: a unique podcast in which the most memorable moments of the past 100 years have been incorporated into one Ronde. Cycling heroes and heroines of the past and present fought each other for victory. This podcast became the most exciting Ronde ever, with incredible plot twists, fun facts and above all a lot of emotion.
The whole story is told as if you – as a listener – were following the live report of a race, with support vehicles, supporters and interviews with riders using famous speaker voices. In the Dutch version, these include Ruben Van Gucht and Renaat Schotte. In the English version, Rob Hatch and Matt Stephens ensured that you stay glued to the radio.
The podcast was distributed nationally and internationally to all cycling communities. Cycling fans all over the world announced the podcast in their social media feed. This is how the Ronde connected fans all over the world during a pandemic and made the tour even more iconic.

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We tapped into the heart of the cycling community.
The national radio loved our idea, so they broadcasted the 60-minute podcast twice and it was one of the episodes of the Sporza podcast. Even Rouleur,
podcast of the famous cycling magazine featuring interviews with the sport’s stars and fresh takes on its
big races, broadcasted the complete Unbelievable
Ronde Van Vlaanderen. 



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