Kanal Centre Pompidou

Kanal's first expo: Kanal Brut. 

kanal centre pompidou

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80 liters of paint, 2 weeks of work, 2 or
possibly even 4 tennis elbows.


Build awareness about the new museum and divert this to the first Kanal Brut exhibition.


An impactful and recognisable campaign on different media.
The old Citroën showroom is one of the most iconic facades of Brussels. Needless to say, the building became the cornerstone of the entire campaign. It helped us not only to create a unique and recognizable look and feel throughout the different media (online, outdoor and print ads). It also created a visual link between the communication and the location of the new museum of contemporary art in Brussels. We convinced the museum to use their façade to create impactful out-of-home communication.

In the second wave we organised a protest manifastation.
A contemporary museum is the manifestation of the spirit of the times. Protest is a hallmark of today's society. This protest was a sign of engagement from certain groups. Together, they are better able to be heard and/or to affect change. Art is also a social commitment. It connects people across language borders, political colour or background. It makes people pause and reflect. For KANAL FESTIVAL, Bowling Brands used expressions of protest as a sign of common cultural commitment. 

client: kanal_beatrice best_yves goldstein
special thanks to urbana project_alva noto_sonicville


The exhibition was successful and more than 400,000 visitors got acquainted with the new museum of contemporary art in Brussels.



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